ED Symptoms

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms:

The basic symptom that tells a man if he has erectile dysfunction is the inability to hold an erection sufficiently at the time of sexual intercourse. There are other conditions also which may tell one in several ways that they are impotent. It can be temporary with the once in a while appearance, development in quite persistent, gradual form and sudden development.

There Are 2 Major Symptoms For Erectile Dysfunction:

1. Full loss of erection or inability to achieve erection or erection trouble.

2. Erection achievement but control ejaculation inability, inconsistency for keeping erection for long and reduced or no sexual desire.

The symptoms only relate with the problem of erections. Other symptoms are lazy erections which mean neither the erection is rigid nor is it full. Rapid loss of erection which means before penetration or during the penetration the penis erection reduces to an extent. The capability of blood retention by penis around its chamber or inside its chamber is no more.